Reduces fogging when wearing glasses
Reduces fogging when wearing glasses
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How Matter of Fabric came to be

I love fabric and I love designing.

When the pandemic started I decided to make masks. My first mask design was a rectangle. Wearing my glasses was uncomfortable with it. I redesigned it several times until I came up with the design I have now. It is cut with a curve on each side to accommodate my glasses, incorporates a wire nose piece to reduce any fogging on glasses, is lined with a wicking fabric to reduce sweating and has earpieces that are soft and adjust to most face sizes. 

Friends and family tried my masks and told me they were the most comfortable masks they've worn. People starting asking for my website to share with others who saw my masks and wanted to buy them.

My goal is for people to enjoy wearing their masks while protecting themselves and others. I hope each of you who wear my masks wear them in good health.

Stay tuned for additional matters of fabric.